Nikobrew Sponsors Homebrew Finds! Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe Available Now!

Homebrew Finds is proud to announce our newest partner… Nikobrew!

Visit for great deals on Hops and Equipment.  While you’re at it, tell Niko thanks for sponsoring Homebrew Finds!

Niko, a fellow homebrewer, has a sterling reputation as a great supplier. Look for content directly from Niko right here on Homebrew Finds!

Nikobrew offers $5 flat rate shipping to all 50 states.  Yes, that includes you Alaska and Hawaii!  Also check out for great international rates.

Niko is excited to announce the availability of the Amarillo (2010 crop), Citra and Simcoe (both 2011 crop).

2 oz packs of Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe are available in limited supply. The Amarillo is in VERY limited supply.   Amarillo and Simcoe should be ready to ship by 1/6, maybe sooner, and the Citra is ready to go now. Please keep in mind that when ordering a variety that is scheduled to ship at a later date will delay your entire order until then.

Most other varieties are available 2oz packs and full pounds.  Some varieties are available in larger than one pound increments!

Amarillo 2010 Crop
Citra 2011 Crop
Simcoe 2011 Crop

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