Inline Gas Disconnect Check Valve 1/4″ FFL – MFL

This is an inline 1/4″ FFL to 1/4″ MFL check valve.  This would go right onto your Gas disconnect and would prevent beer from back flowing into your CO2 system.  

In case you didn’t know that this is possible… it is.  Ask me how I know. 🙂

This would be very helpful if you’ve connected multiple kegs by using one or more simple tee connections.

Gas Disconnect Check Valve 1/4″ FFL x 1/4″ MFL – $11

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One thought on “Inline Gas Disconnect Check Valve 1/4″ FFL – MFL

  1. Calvin Perilloux

    Just a caution: Make sure you put this on the keg gas disconnect, not the regulator! This means you need the disconnects with the 1/4″ flare, not barbed ones. I’ve seen homebrewer setups where they use adapters with 1/4″ flares on the regulator outputs, and if you hook this up there, it’ll be backwards, and you’ll get no gas flow but WILL allow beer backflow.

    Anyhow, this little item is a great idea.


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