More Beer: Deluxe Equipment Kit – 10% Discount + Free Shipping

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You’ll receive Absolutely Everything! needed to brew really great beer when you purchase this complete Home Brewery Kit. Just open the box, set it up, and start brewing that same day! Then, only twenty-eight days later you’ll be proudly sharing five gallons of fresh, delicious homebrew with your friends and family. This proven system utilizes the Partial-Boil brewing method, whereby you first boil 3 gallons in the 5 gallon Kettle, add 2-3 gallons of cold water to the Fermenter, then add your beer on top of the cold water. Then ferment, bottle, and enjoy!

About what’s included: The quality stainless kettle comes with a five year warranty (as do all stainless kettles we sell). A hand-held probe thermometer, which eliminates the need to borrow one from the kitchen. Dried Yeast, rather than Liquid Yeast, is included because the liquid form loses potency if not kept refrigerated. The Beer Ingredient Kit is Light Ale, an excellent beginning brew. Light in color, but not in flavor, it always appeals to both domestic and microbrew loving beer fans.

Because this is our lowest-priced complete-with-everything-system it makes an excellent gift for someone who’s eager to have their own Personal Home Brewery. In fact, this is our best selling Home Brewery system. Order today and begin brewing within a week.

Personal Home Brewery #3 – Bottling Deluxe BRKIT3 - $193.50 + Free Shipping.  Use coupon code STAGENOV11