Ultrex Pack ‘n Save Vacuum Sealer – $19.50

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6 thoughts on “Ultrex Pack ‘n Save Vacuum Sealer – $19.50

  1. ClassyLee

    Don’t buy it…see below for the review I left on amazon:

    I bought this thinking “hmmm this could be a great deal”. When I got it out of the box and actually tried to use it, I realized what a pile of junk it really is.

    Issue #1 – If you try to seal a bag on the lowest heat setting for more than 1.5 seconds you put holes in the bag (I found this to be true with the bags that came with the device)

    Issue #2 – Using the vacuum is a hit and miss experience. You really have to make sure that everything is perfectly aligned to get the vacuum to actually work right

    Issue #3 – You have to apply pressure to the left of the device to vacuum seal a bag; however, if you want to heat seal the bag you have to hold down the right side of the device. If you want to do either you still have to hold down both sides of the device. While trying to use the vacuum I found myself setting the heat sealer off, thus making sure I could no longer use the vacuum on the bag.

    Conclusion: This is a POORLY designed sealer…spend the money and buy something decent, not this pile of junk.

  2. Homebrew Finds


    Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to leave this up for a bit, but plan to take the whole post down in the near future to keep others from buying this.

  3. ClassyLee

    No problem, just helping to look out for my fellow brewers out there.

    BTW, I bought a “food saver” brand sealer and was 110% happy with it!

  4. Anonymous

    I figured at 20 bucks it was worth a flyer. It was actually delivered for just under 20 bucks. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I can get a better vacuum, taking a deep inhale with lips on a Ziploc bag.

    Don’t take a chance on this product. You will be disappointed. Spend the money and get a quality sealer…

  5. Anonymous

    I FEEL REALLY FOOLISH,I got two of them . At first, I thought it was broke when I got it, so I called America Science & Surplus(I got it from them) and they sent me another at no charge. So I’ve been spending the last four years trying to get it to work. And Now I find this website. Like I said, I feel foolish by wasting all that time on that trash.


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