Control Products TC-9102D-HV Dual Stage Temperature Controller

As we head into winter in most parts of the US some of you will need to start both heating and cooling to control temperatures during fermentation.

Technical Details

  • Bright 4-digit LED display that is perfect for all light conditions
  • Replaces Ranco ETC and Johnson Controls A419
  • Dual 20 amp relays
  • PTC temperature sensor included (-67 to 302 degrees F) with optional RTD sensor available (0 to 600 degrees f)
  • Easy programming with calibration and lock-out mode standard

This controller needs to be wired.  That’s pretty standard for a dual stage temperature controller.  This should be a reasonably easy task.  Here are links to the supporting documents for this model- user manual, wiring guide.

Control Products TC-9102D-HV Dual Stage High Voltage Digital Temperature Controller

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3 thoughts on “Control Products TC-9102D-HV Dual Stage Temperature Controller

  1. Anonymous

    Also the manual you link to says the relays are rated up to 30A, while Amazon says 20A. Could make a nice controller for an electric HLT.

  2. Anonymous

    The Love TSS2 and a thermocouple that works with it is $75 total, and that’s the standard for dual-stage temp control in the homebrew world. Don’t get me wrong, this seems like a good deal if you don’t need the extra options the Love has, but saying it’s “half, or less” is not true.


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