Making a Yeast Starter Using the StirStarter

How to make a yeast starter featuring generous Homebrew Finds sponsor StirStarters!

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One thought on “Making a Yeast Starter Using the StirStarter

  1. Corona

    My experience with Dan from StirStarters was very positive! I bought 3 of these a few months back. Two for myself and a third as a gift for a fellow homebrewer. His product works fantastic, and the price is right! (He offers a nice price reduction if you buy 2 or 3)
    He also gives you a lifetime repair/replacement!
    I do not own any equipment to check cell counts, but I did make a 10 gal batch of a simple Pale Ale and split it into two 5 gal batches. I used WLP005 for the yeast. One batch used my original starter method of intermittent shaking/swirling and the other used the stir plate. I pitched simultaneously and they fermented under the same conditions. The batch with the stir plate starter tasted and smelled noticeably better. It tasted cleaner and much more to style.
    Quick note: Growlers do not work with stir plates and stir bars, due to the spherical bottom. I use 1L and 2L Erlenmeyer flasks with no issues.


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