Clear, Stackable 6.5 Qt Containers

I like these… a lot.

I’ve gone through a few iterations of organization.  I started out with large semi-translucent totes.  They were just translucent enough to not be able to tell what was in them and large enough, that I didn’t have enough of one single type of thing to meaningfully organize anything.

Eventually, I started using these.  I have around 30 now.

  • 6.5 Quarts is a great size.  Most things fit nicely.  Keep a couple large totes around for larger items.
  • They are clear, so it’s easy to see what’s inside.
  • They are stackable.
  • The lids go on and off easily.


Impressions Shoebox, 6.5 Qt Clear

I label these totes, and other things, with a Brother Labeler.  I really like the TZ tape.  These labels look great and stick well.  Especially if you get the high strength adhesive tape.


Brother Family Labeler (PT1090BK)

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