Fresh Hops Available from Midwest Supplies!

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EDIT: These aren’t available yet.  Midwest’s site will not allow you to purchase these.  Also, as the commenter below keenly points out, it’s not hop harvest time yet.  This was a swing and a miss.  Hey, at least I’m living up to the Homebrew Finds name.  I did find this stuff, it just isn’t available yet. 🙂

Midwest Supplies has announced the availability of several varieties of fresh hops.

Amarillo Fresh Hops 1 lb – $18.99

Cascade Fresh Hops 1 lb – $18.99

Centennial Fresh Hops 1 lb – $18.99

Chinook Fresh Hops 1 lb – $18.99

Citra Fresh Hops 1 lb – $18.99

Simcoe Fresh Hops 1 lb – $18.99

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Hops Available from Midwest Supplies!

  1. Homebrew Finds

    You’re making some great points here. 🙂 I’ve updated the post. Sorry for the misinformation.

  2. Anonymous

    Those hops are not available. If you click Add to Cart with Qty=1, it says “the maximum quantity allowed is 0”. Also, it says they’re fresh hops, as in wet hops picked fresh off the vine at harvest time. Harvest is not until September, so these links don’t make sense – I’m guessing they’re hidden links that they put up early? They’re not actually linked anywhere on their site as far as I can tell.


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