160k BTU Jet Propane Burner – $19.95!

EDIT:  This just went out of stock.  Probably due to the “Homebrew Finds Effect” as it’s becoming known :).  Instawares said that their site won’t reflect this for 24 hours.  That’s why it appears to be in stock.  It’s expected to be available again in 30 days.  I’ll keep an eye on it and post a follow up post when it becomes available.

In Stock Alternative: 32 Tip Jet Propane Burner $27.98 (64% Off List)

At $19.95 this is well under half of the list price of this burner.

– Power ranges from 62,000 to 160,000 BTU
– Replacement nozzles available separately
– 23 tip
– Propane

Propane Burners

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