Android Homebrewing App Roundup!

I while back I did an Iphone/Ipad App Roundup and received some requests for a post on Android apps.  Ask and you shall receive!  The descriptions and evaluations here rely on official app description, Facebook comments and post comments as I do not have an Android.

There seem to be a lot of homebrew related Android apps.  I expect to receive more comments about apps that are available, good, bad, etc and I do plan to do a follow up post.

Homebrew Calculators– (Free) The perfect companion for the home brewed beer maker and your Android Phone!  Features: Calculators for Attenuation, Boil Timer with Saved Hop Schedules, Beer Bottle Packaging and Carbonation

Mr Malty Yeast Calculator– ($4.95) Droid version of the excellent pitching rate calculator available at

Brewr– ($3.99) Design beer recipes on the go and use the built-in Brew Day Timer with boil time countdown and hopping time alerts when brewing.  Commenter Barry really likes this app.  Facebook friend Dave says that BrewR is a bit thin and seems to be recipe formulation only.

Brewer– ($1.99) Homebrewers: Manage your Batches and Recipes of Beer on your Android device. Create and formulate new Recipes for brewing Batches or to just share with your friends at the next homebrew meeting.  Facebook friend Dave says that Brewer showed promise, but the updates stopped coming some time ago before it was fully fleshed out.

The Brewing Network App– (Free) Stream the Best Beer Radio around! Plays live shows, as well as the archives played when not in session.

Brewzor Calculator Free- (Free) Brewzor Calculator is for the home brewer and professional brewer. Hopefully it will help you brew better beer and simplify your brew day. For a free app, this seems to have a bunch of features including calculators for- Yeast Pitching Rate, Hop Bitterness, Mash Temperature, Decoction, Batch Sparge, Gravity Correction, Hydrometer, Carbonation, Attenuation and Refractometer

Brewzor Pro- (Free) Brewzor Pro is a recipe manager for the home brewer and professional brewer. Hopefully the app will help you brew better beer and/or simplify your brew day. Features: Recipe manager, BeerXML import/export, Ingredients, equipment, mash profiles and Brewing calculators.  Commentor Barry says that he really likes Brewzor Pro.  Facebook friend Dave says “Brewzor Pro is great, and it can take xmls exported out from Beersmith.”  Both commenter Barry and Facebook friend Dave really like Brewzor Pro.

Homebrew Talk Forum- (Free) Mobile version of Forums.

Brew Droid- ($4.00) Brew droid is a beer recipe formulation program and homebrew support app.

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